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June 2009
Primarily minor-key improvisation on piano and synthesiser.

"An Autumn State of Mind"
November 2009
A balance of original scores and piano improv., featuring jazz in titular track.

"Dai Sakusen! (The Grand Adventure)"
January 2011
Mostly original scores featuring speed-rock genre in titular track.

"Sim Mod Con"
May 2011
Piano and electric piano solo improv. inspired by music from The Sims

"Golf Club Team?"
January 2011
Experimental piece using an Easter Egg from

"City Sunset"
February 2011
Evocative, driving orchestral piece with conflicting metre.

"Super Mario 64 Main Theme - Ragtime Arrangement"
April 2011
Joplin-esque ragtime rendition of Koji Kondo's theme to Super Mario 64.

April 2011
Meditative relaxation piece featuring synthesiser and windchime.

"The Junkyard"
May 2011
A looping semi-jazz piece featuring acoustic bass, piano, and vibraphone; composed for a Flash game.
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"One Two Three"
August 2011
A piece comprised of looping tracks layering over each other, featuring piano, harp, and vibraphone.
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"I Choose You!"
August 2011
An allegretto for strings, oboe, and piano, based on Junichi Masuda's music from the Pokémon series.
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"Flute Concerto in C Minor (Music A from Tetris)"
September 2011
An arrangement of the Tetris version of Korobeiniki in the classical style, featuring flute, harp, and strings.
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Roland Fantom X6 synthesiser workstation
Yamaha PSR290 interactive arranger
Creative WaveStudio audio recording software
NoteWorthy Composer MIDI sequencer
Anvil Studio MIDI sequencer